Don't Let Your Hands Give Your Age Away!

Although many women spend much time and money on keeping their face and body looking young, it's their hands that actually give away their age.  But why is this, and are the effects of ageing reversible?

What causes your hands to age?

The skin on the backs of your hands is much thinner than anywhere else on your body, including your face.  As you age, the skin becomes ever thinner, more fragile and papery in appearance.  Consequently, the veins and tendons under your skin become more prominent, resulting in an aged appearance.

The sun has much to answer for when it comes to rapidly ageing hands.  UV rays dry out the delicate skin, causing the skin to wrinkle and bringing out those dreaded brown liver spots.

Damage limitation

In order to limit sun damage to your hands, always apply moisturising sunblock with a high UV protection factor before you venture outside.  Another good tip is to apply a small amount of the same skin treatment you use on your face to the backs of your hands as part of your morning and evening beauty regime.

Hand rejuvenation treatments

There are a number of anti-ageing treatments that you can try to rejuvenate your hands even after damage has taken effect.

Vitamin C serums

Vitamin C serums can help to treat liver spots and blemishes on your hands, as well as conditioning the skin.  These are a cheaper alternative to surgical procedures and can be quite effective, provided you use a good quality brand. 

Plumping treatments

Skin plumping treatments can be used to fill out the hands in order to disguise prominent tendons and make skin appear less wrinkled.

Your clinician will inject a filler substance through a small hole made in the back of your wrist.  You can opt for synthetic fillers (Restylane is a popular choice), or your own body fat, harvested via liposuction.

The liposuction procedure and the filler injections are both carried out in hospital under local anaesthetic, and the effects are immediate with minimal down-time. 

Laser treatments

Laser treatment is a good way of getting rid of liver spots and other areas of pigmentation.  The blemishes are literally burned away by a focussed laser light.  Small areas of scabbing are left which will fall away within a week or so, leaving the skin beneath clear and scar-free.

Laser treatment can be carried out in a cosmetic surgery clinic.  The procedure is painless and the effects will be seen within a week or so.

Sclerotherapy and laser ablation

In addition to liver spots, spider veins can appear on the backs of your hands, adding to the 'old lady' look.  Sclerotherapy and laser ablation can effectively remove these.  Sclerotherapy involves the injection of mild irritant foam into the spider veins.  This substance cuts off the blood supply, causing the veins to shrink and be reabsorbed by the body.  Laser ablation works in the same way, except a laser beam is used to seal the veins, instead of chemical foam.

The procedure is carried out in a cosmetic surgery clinic and is painless.  The effects won't be seen immediately, taking a month or so to be fully visible.

In conclusion

Don't let your hands give away your age!  Use the tips on preventative action outlined above, and if you decide to try cosmetic procedures to rejuvenate your hands, always consult a professional cosmetic surgeon for advice before proceeding.